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State Committee of the Republic of Bashkortostan on Foreign Economic Relations

Bashkir delegation calls to reanimation of Russian-Moldavian relations

23 September 2019

Special section, devoted to Bashkir-Moldavian relations, has taken place September 20 within the frames of Moldavian-Russian economic forum.

In spring 2019 the President of Moldova Igor Dodon has officially visited Bashkortostan. The returning visit has taken place within the frames of the present forum. 40 representatives RB arrived in Kishinev: town mayors, politicians and businessmen. Our delegation is headed by acting Vice-Premier RB Andre Nazarov.

Reanimation and new levels in interrelations between Russia and Moldova – this is one of the forum’s challenges, indicated by Andre Nazarov. The head of Bashkir delegation called Moldavian-Russian economic forum and Moldavian-Russian economic council, what meeting has taken place in the second day of the forum, the main instruments in restoration of relations between our countries.

Turning to the section’s theme Andre Nazarov has mentioned that Bashkiria stands in the list of the most developed Russian regions, owns large territory, rich oil, gas, coal, iron ore, copper, zinc and gold deposits, the region has great potential in economic development and in some aspects, such as labor productivity in some branches, Bashkiria holds the first place in Russia.

Presidential advisor in sphere of agriculture in Moldova Ion Perju has stated that though the forum is called Moldavian-Russian, de facto this is an international meeting devoted to partnership relations between Moldova and Bashkortostan. “Why Bashkiria? What Bashkiria can give to Moldova? Bashkiria can become an example for other republics and regions. And what can Moldova give to Bashkiria? Our products first of all” – Ion Perju stated.

From the very beginning of the forum a cooperation agreement between trade-industry chambers of Moldova and Republic of Bashkortostan was signed. Moldavian-Russian economic forum was held in Kishinev, September 19-21 and more than 1000 people from 13 countries were taking part in it, including 400 delegates from Russia. Its participants were discussing trade-economic cooperation between Russia and Moldova, development of regional projects, technologies, tourism, wine-making, agriculture and other aspects.

  • Bashkir delegation calls to reanimation of Russian-Moldavian relations