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The Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations and Congress Activity of the Republic of Bashkortostan

The Republic of Bashkortostan

  • The Republic of Bashkortostan is a constituent entity of the Russian Federation, part of the Volga Federal District. The republic has 54 administrative areas and 9 urban districts.

  • The highest official is the Head of the Republic of Bashkortostan; the Acting Head of the Republic of Bashkortostan is Radiy

    Faritovich Khabirov since October 2018. The highest legislative and representative authority is the State Assembly - Kurultay of the Republic of Bashkortostan. The highest executive authority is the Government of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

  • Population is more than 4051 thousand people (7th place among the constituent entities of the Russian Federation), representing about 160 nationalities and 20 religions.

  • Area - 143.6 thousand sq. km. The region is located in the Southern Urals, straddling the Europe and Asia. The climate is continental with a humid, warm summer and moderately severe winter.

  • The capital is Ufa, a large industrial, cultural, scientific and administrative center; one of the most beautiful cities in Russia. The population is 1.131 million residents (11th place among cities of the Russian Federation).

All Russia’s nationalities and the diversity of its cultures
are reflected in Bashkortostan as in a drop of water»
V. V. Putin

The Republic of Bashkortostan is a place where Europe and Asia, where two streams of ethno-linguistic (Slavic and Turkic) groups intersect each other and where two largest world religions Christianity and Islam intertwine.

Today’s Bashkortostan is a strong and successful part of the Russian Federation. It concentrates significant scientific and cultural Russia’s potential. The republic is among the top ten regions of the country, which produces half the value of all-Russian products related to high-technology and knowledge-based industries. The presence of large-scale unique productions and the development of modern technologies make it possible to consider the republic as the largest industrial center.

2019 is the anniversary for the Republic of Bashkortostan. On March 23, 1919, the Bashkir Autonomous Soviet Republic was created - the first national autonomy within the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic. Exactly 100 years ago, the foundation of the glorious history of Bashkiria had been laid. Today’s political and legal status of the region was formed on October 11, 1992.

The republic has begun independent development including international and foreign economic relations since 1990. Bashkortostan immediately declared itself as a reliable business partner possessing enormous natural resources and powerful economic potential.

Today, the Republic of Bashkortostan is traditionally one of the leading regions of the Russian Federation in terms of its main macroeconomic parameters. This is one of the few regions where the level of development. Over the past five years, the volume of industrial production has increased by one and a half times – this is one of the few regions where the level of production’s development is higher than the national average.

Bashkortostan is one the top ten constituent entities of the Russian Federation in terms of indicative social and economic indicators: gross regional product, industrial output, and absolute retail turnover.

Bashkortostan is one of the leading industrial and agricultural regions of the Russian Federation. This is the center of oil production and oil refining. The leading branches of specialization are the fuel industry, chemistry and petrochemistry, electric power, steel industry, mechanical engineering, agricultural, light and food industries.

The leading companies within industrial sector area JSC Bashneft, JSC “Bashkir Soda Company”, PJSC “NEFAZ” (“Neftekamsk Automotive Plant”), PJSC “UEC-UMPO”, “Gazprom neftekhim Salavat” and etc. Bashkortostan is also famous for its helicopter’s production (JSC “Kamov”), aircraft engines, dump trucks, buses, chemical products.

One in three Hydraulic and pneumatic motors and one in three light bulb are produced by the republic’s engineering industry. Bashkortostan tops the list of Russia in the production of trailers and semi-trailers having a technically permissible maximum laden mass not exceeding up to 10 tons. The region is the only manufacturer of concrete pumps in Russia.

Bashkortostan is ranked 15th in the Russian Federation and 4th in the Volga Federal District in terms of electricity production. Consumers of the republic are fully provided with thermal and electric energy, part of the electric energy is sold on the wholesale market. Electricity tariff is one of the lowest rates in Russia.

Since 2011, the Republic has been demonstrating a sustainable dynamics of investment development, exceeding the average Russian growth rate. Bashkortostan ranked 14th among the regions of the Russian Federation in terms of capital investment.

The investment climate of the republic is characterized as favorable. Leading international and national rating agencies (Fitch Ratings, Moody's, Standard & Poor's) assigned long-term credit ratings with positive outlook. This indicates the creation of attractive conditions for investors in the republic. 140 investment projects worth 496.4 billion rubles are being implemented. The territories of advanced social and economic development “Belebei”, “Kumertau”, “Blagoveshchensk”, “Beloretsk” and “Neftekamsk” are in operation; a special economic zone is created in the city of Ishimbay at the initiative of the republic’s leadership.

The economic policy pursued by the regional authorities is also aimed at stimulating domestic demand, diversifying production, and developing new markets. 7 technology parks, 11 industrial parks and more than 200 organizations are created and operate in the republic that carry out innovative activities (technological, organizational, marketing innovations), production and technological centers of small businesses.

According to the main agricultural production rates, the republic takes leading positions among the constituent entities of the Russian Federation: 1st place in the beef, koumiss and honey production; 2nd place in cattle population and milk production, 3rd place in the production of root vegetables and livestock of horses; 4th place - for the potato production, 10th place for the livestock and poultry production (dressed weight). Agricultural output amounted to 152.2 billion rubles in 2018.

In terms of the volume of commissioned housing, the republic is one of the top ten regions of Russia showing the largest housing construction volume. At least 2.5 million sq. m. of residential space are commissioned every year. The volume of work performed by “Construction” activity type amounted to 188.6 billion rubles in 2018, which is almost 30% higher than in 2014.

Bashkortostan has an extensive transport system: transit railways and highways, Ufa International Airport. The length of public roads is over 25 thousand km - the second longest in the Russian Federation. The region is crossed by Kuybyshev and Gorkov railway tracks, which are proposed to be connected by the Ufa-Chernushka road. Ufa International Airport became three times winner of the national prize “Air Gate of Russia”; passenger traffic exceeds 2.3 million people per year. The airport services are used by more than 40 Russian and foreign airlines operating flights on 66 domestic and foreign routes. Navigable waterways provide access to the ports of the Caspian, Baltic and Mediterranean basins. Most Russian oil, product and gas pipelines pass through the territory of the republic.

Bashkortostan is one of the most recognizable regions of Russia on an international scale. The republic is a permanent participant in the inter-ethnic dialogue and maintains external contacts with 120 countries, and also forms part of diverse Russian working groups on cooperation with various States. On behalf of the Head of the Republic Radiy Khabirov, the issue of opening the Representative Offices of Bashkortostan in Austria and Turkey is under positive consideration, and in the medium term - in Italy, as part of expanding its foreign presence and promoting the region as a brand. It is important that the initiative is actively supported by the business community of the region from which daily concrete proposals are received to expand the functionality of future points of presence.

Prior to 1990, foreign trade was conducted with 31 countries and only through all-union foreign trade firms, but products were exported by only 33 enterprises. Today, in the region’s export pool consists of more than 800 organizations supplying goods and services to over 100 countries - this is a strong indicator relative to other Russian entities. The Bashkortostan’s foreign trade turnover amounted to 5.4 billion US dollars in 2018 which is by 6.6% more than a year earlier. It is important that exports prevail over imports quite significantly. The top ten counterparty countries of Bashkortostan are Latvia, Belarus, China, Germany, Kazakhstan, India, the Netherlands, Turkey, Finland and the United States of America.

Bashkortostan has long been famous for its hospitality, which is reflected not only in tourism, but also in the business sphere and events industry. The capital of the republic is a permanent venue for major international congresses and exhibitions: the Agricultural Forum, the Russian Industrial Forum, the Russian Petrochemical Forum, the Small Business Forum of the SCO and BRICS, the International Time to Export Forum, and others. Among them are the International Festival of Culture and Art "The Heart of Eurasia", the festival of ballet art named after Rudolf Nureyev, the festival of vocal art "Chaliapin Evenings", the festival of folk art "Berdemlek - Commonwealth" and other international artistic forums.

The world's best hotel brands Hilton, Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza; specialized conference rooms; convenient access roads, international airport –

these and other advantages of the region often become a strong argument in favor of choosing a venue for events. A serious region’s test was the holding of summits of the SCO member states and the meeting of the BRICS Heads of State and Government in Ufa in 2015 with delegations from 20 countries.

In Ufa ranked 6th for the first time based on a study of the event potential of Russian cities, represented by the R&C exhibition and research center.

This summer the International Summer Children's Games will be held in Ufa, next year the republic will host the 4th World Folklore Games, and in 2021 - the Apimondia International Apicultural Congress. The victory of the republic in competitions for the right to hold these landmark events is, firstly, recognition of the congress capabilities of the region, and secondly, the result of close cooperation with foreign partners. With the triumph of the republic to be the host of these important events is the result of recognition of congress opportunities in the region and of close cooperation with foreign partners.

Bashkortostan has a powerful year-round recreational and recreational cluster, which includes sanatoriums, health resorts, rest homes and ski resorts. There are more than 30 wellness centers that use local mineral springs, curative mud. For example, Yangan-Tau and Krasnousolsk health resort complexes are cosmonauts rehabilitation centers which confirms the high level of recreation and treatment; these traditionally take leading positions in the national rating of health resorts in Russia. Abzakovo ski resort is one of the top three best ski centers in Russia.

Over the past three years the republic has risen from 20th to 10th place in the national tourist rating. According to the analytical agency TurStat the republic ranked 6th in the rating of regions of the Russian Federation in popularity during the New Year holidays in 2019.

The tourist brand "TERRA BASHKIRIA" took the 1st place in the national ranking of regional tourism brands.

Bashkortostan is the “pearl” of Russia and a paradise for tourists who like active rest. There are about 300 unique karstic caves, 600 rivers, 800 lakes, magnificent mountain ranges, three nature reserves and a national park.

In addition, the world monuments of history, culture and art deserve the attention of the guests of the republic. Republic’s museums are replenished with new archaeological finds; their funds constitute more than half a million unique exhibits. Shulgan-Tash (Kapova) cave is widely known outside the republic and Russia, where Paleolithic painting collections has survived and these collections are one of the oldest and largest cave in Northern Eurasia, included in the Bashkir Ural Biosphere Reserve.

The Iremel and Yangan-Tau mountains, the Krasnousolsk mineral springs, the Yumaguzinsky Water Reservoir, the Yakty-Kul Lake are unique. Famous sights of the republic are the Salavat Yulaev Monument, a gold nugget “Irendyksky Bear” which had a calculated refined weight of almost 5 kilograms, Bashkir honey, the national musical instrument kurai, the folk epos “Ural Batyr”.

The Yangan-Tau geopark, which is the first in the Russian Federation nominated for inclusion in the UNESCO Geoparks Global Network, can become a real tourist, scientific and cultural visiting card. Geopark "Yangan-Tau" is an amazing complex of geological, biological, historical and cultural heritage.

Another equally important place of the geological, biological, historical and cultural heritage of the region will be the Bashkir Shikhans - Tratau and Yuraktau mountains - these magnificent and unique monuments of the Ural nature, which are former giant sea reefs storing a huge number of prehistoric fossils.

On the initiative of the Acting Head of Bashkortostan Radii Khabirov, a Toratau Geopark will be created in the territory where the shikhans are located, which is also planned to be nominated for inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Numerous sports fields and fitness centers are just teeming with Sport life.

High achievements sport is represented by magnificent hockey (“Salavat Yulaev” team), the world championship in Bashkir wrestling on kuresh belts, motorcycle sport, biathlon, checkers, equestrian sport and other sporting success.

The history and the present of Bashkortostan are an unbreakable fusion of high spirituality, traditions and interethnic harmony. These are embodied by the names of different eras associated with the development of the region. Their names are: the first Bashkir poet and national hero Salavat Yulaev, the founder of the Mining Institute in St. Petersburg Ismail Tasimov, writers Sergey Aksakov, Miftahetdin Akmulla, Mazhit Gafuri, Mustai Karim, artists Mikhail Nesterov, Kasim Davletkildeev, Fedor Domashnikov, Akhmat Lutfullin and many others. The artistic careers of the Great Russian opera singer Fyodor Shalyapin and of the world-famous dancer Rudolf Nureyev began in the Bashkir region.

Today the Republic of Bashkortostan is a modern, dynamic region. The main wealth is active personalities with a prospective baggage of experience and knowledge, with significant creative energy reserve. Bashkortostan is ready to start new projects to become a reliable business partner and good friend.

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